Mysteries of KENYA Revealed - Harish Luther


I am professional photographer and conservationist and I wrote this book with one goal in mind – to give you as much information as possible, accompanied by all my own personal photographs, about Kenya - its history, its culture, its people, its scenery, its environment and its wildlife. Basically what makes Kenya so unique and special in this world!!

I hope that with my vast knowledge of Kenya I have imparted that information to you, so that when you next go on safari to my beautiful and beloved country, you will see Kenya from a new and different perspective and enjoy all of its sights and sounds.

One very unusual phenomenum occurs in Kenya at the Equator called The Coriolis Effect. Here the water in the Northern Hemisphere swirls in a clockwise direction whilst in the Southern Hemisphere the water swirls in an anticlockwise direction. And surprisingly at the Equator the water doesn't swirl at all, it just flows straight down.

ISBN 978-0-9957857-0-0.

The book, Mysteries of Kenya Revealed, is also available as a downloadable book in pdf format

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The Coriolis Effect


All images © Harish Luther.
Professional Wildlife, Travel and Events Photographer - Hemel Hempstead, England.